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What  is  CBD  isolate?

High Purity Isolation
We can isolate individual compounds from high purity distilled extracts. Through a rigorous process of crystallization, and purification we are able to carefully crystallize organic essential oil compounds at extraordinarily high purity levels (99%+) of these individual compounds for use in many specific health and wellness applications. 


How  to  Use  CBD  Isolate

As a Tincture
Adding a small amount to a teaspoon of coconut oil and holding it under your tongue is a way for it to enter the bloodstream sublingually.
As a Vaporizing Additive
CBD isolate can be added to vape oil products or e-liquids. Vaporization point is 180 to 200 degrees Celsius. Adding it to a vape pen or water bubbler is an effective and popular way of using CBD Isolate.
As a Dab Crystal
Another popular way to use CBD Isolate is to dab it using dab crystal CBD Isolate with a dabbing rig for a boost and quick medical relief.
Crystallized CBD Isolate, with no dense material or measurable THC levels, is ideal for formulation. There is no smell or taste to CBD isolate powder, and it is possible to integrate into several different products. When you are making CBD-infused oils of own, however, you need to ensure to calculate the individuals’ serving’s potency accurately. Since it is over 99% pure, every CBD isolate milligram represents 1 milligram of active CBD.
There is 990 mg of CBD in every CBD Isolate 1gram jar. This can then be broken down into servings of specific sizes. You are given great control by  CBD Isolate over how you add CBD into your system.
Take CBD Isolate Sublingually
CBD Isolate like other hemp oil products from Vital Health Choice, may be taken orally by holding them under your tongue to help expedite sublingual uptake. When the CBD is placed under your tongue and then held there for 60 to 90 seconds, the CBD enters into your bloodstream more quickly compared to just swallowing it, which avoid the liver effects and first pass metabolism. The sublingual method of taking CBD isolate servings is the most straightforward and easiest method to use. 


Making  CBD-Infused  Oil

 The idea of making their homemade edibles is something that appeals to a number of our customers. Although all SSⁱ CBD™ liquids and Isolates may be incorporated into beverages and foods, SSⁱ CBD™ Isolate Isolated is particularly uniquely suited for edibles. Since it has no odor or taste and it is easily soluble in oils such as avocado, palm, and coconut, SSⁱ CBD™ Isolate can be used for fine tuning your very own CBD-infused liquids. After they have been created, the infused oil may be utilized for creating CBD edibles such as cookies, brownies or other recipes using oil, added to smoothies or coffee, folded into your ice cream, or used topically in the form of a soothing massage cream. CBD’s boiling point is between 160 to 180 degrees C (320 to 356 degrees F). At higher temperatures than this, some CBD potency might be lost. When CBD is used in cooking, you should know you should try to use a lower cooking temperature in over to avoid CBD degradation.